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Audubon Park


The history of Audubon Park goes back to the beginning of the second World War. The town was called Audubon Village and was part of the Borough of Audubon. Workers for the New York Shipbuilding Corp, located in Camden, NJ needed housing for their families.

   For your Information

Phase I of the Audubon Park School Building is near completion.
School begins on Sept. 6th for our new tenants, the Audubon Pre School.
Municipal Offices will follow shortly

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Summer Hours

Beginning May 26, 2017 – Summer Hours:

8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday thru Thursday
Friday – Office Closed

Summer Hours have been extended through December 31, 2017


Council Connection

September 2017 Newsletter


Senior Activities

Activity Dates
Caregiver Support Group Feb 15 through Nov 15
Pickleball Sep 7 through Oct 12
Line Dancing (See Schedule for Locations) Sep 8 through Nov 17
Chair Yoga (See Schedule for Locations) Sep 13 through Nov 15
Aqua Aerobics Sep 13 through Dec 1
Golf Lessons Sep 15 through Oct 11
Aqua Aerobics Sep 15 through Oct 25
Tai Chi Sep 19 through Nov 21
Billiards & Bowling Sep 20, Oct 18 & Dec 17
Paiting Parties Sep 23, Oct 21 & Nov 18
Meditation (See Schedule for Locations) Sep 27 through Nov 22
Senior Harvest Moon Dance Sep 27
Senior Health Fair Sep 27
Senior Harvest Dance Oct 17

Safe Care CAM

Protect your loved ones receiving care


ImmunizationFlu Immunization Schedule

See Schedule

Shredding Event

October 21. 2017

See Flyer

Operation SAL (Save A Life)


H.A.L.O. Program

Healing Aftee a Loss to Overdose


Welcome to Audubon Rocks!!

This movement was started in Hamilton, NJ by an awesome art teacher who wanted to inspire children to get creative! So now the Rocks are here in Audubon Park

If you see a rock, you are welcome to take that rock or you can leave it for someone else to find it! If you take a rock, consider creating your own painted rock and replace the one you kept! Don't forget to add the hashtag #Audubon Park rocks on the back.

Lots of rocks have been painted and hidden already, and everyone is playing (kids and adults)

This is a wonderful way for families and friends to get together through our community.


1. DO NOT take or hide a rock off of anyone's personal property

2. Smooth rocks are easier to paint.. Look around and find free rocks if you can

3. You can paint with Acrylic paint, nail polish, permanent markers, or whatever you can think of that will not wash away your design

((The rocks are shown and talked about on the Audubon Park amongst website on Facebook))

The goal is to spread creativity and smiles

You can paint an image, a pattern, an array of colors, inspirational words- anything that might brighten the day of a person who finds the rock!

All art is creative and unique

Happy painting, finding, and hiding

FEMA Food Safety Tips


Grilling Fire Safety Tips


2017 Collection / Shredding Event


IACSAnimal Control Services

Now Provices by Independent Animal Care Services LLC.

Visit their website at for more information


Haddon Township Police Department Announcement

The Haddon Township Police Department is pleased to announce the identification and arrest of a suspect being sought for multiple motor vehicle burglaries in Audubon Park as well as the West Collingswood Heights and Collingswood Extension sections of Haddon Township. 29 year-old James R. Hamilton of Camden, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with over twenty motor vehicle burglaries.

Officers of the Haddon Township Police Department were conducting anti-crime patrols in plain clothes throughout Haddon Township and Audubon Park.  The Officers were patrolling in the vicinity of the Black Horse Pike when they observed a male matching the description of a subject captured on video surveillance of a local resident.  The male, who was later identified as Hamilton was accompanied by a female.  Both suspects were found to be in possession f drug paraphernalia and taken into custody.

Haddon Township detectives interviewed the suspects and Hamilton was subsequently charged with over twenty counts of motor vehicle burglaries and theft.   Hamilton is currently homeless and was found to be targeting vehicles that were unlocked with small electronics and/or lose change that was visible from the outside.

Hamilton was remanded to Camden County Correction Facility pending pre-trial hearing.

Thanks you for the continued diligence of the residents of Haddon Township and Audubon Park in working with the Haddon Township Police Department in reporting suspicious activity.  Together we can continue to work to keep our community safe.  Remember, you can also help us by locking you vehicle doors and removing all valuables from your vehicles.

*All persons charged with criminal offenses are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. *

Support Our Police

We Support our Police

Support our police signs and t-shirts are
available for $10 each from the Local PBA.

In a few days, I will have a link to their
facebook page


IMPORTANT - Dog Owners

It is against the law to walk a dog without a leash.

6 More Camden County Towns Ban Puppy Mills Sales

Five More In Process - Total Will Surpass 30 In June


Important Notice

There has been a rash of cars being broken into in the Borough of Audubon Park.  We are asking all residents to lock their cars no matter where they are parked.  Also, please remember to LOCK your vehicles at all times.

If someone see anyone breaking into a car in the Borough of Audubon Park, please call 911 immediately. 

How To Apply For A Raffle/Bingo License


Trash Collection

Trash is picked up every Friday in the Borough of Audubon Park.  Recycling is picked up the first and third Thursdays of each month.  The Borough has an ordinance that prohibits trash and recycling from being put out any earlier that 24 hours before trash day and trash cans must be returned to your property within 24 hours of removal.  Anyone violating this Ordinance will have their trash cans confiscated. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Open RFP's for Various Professional Servies for 2016

Dog and Cat Licenses

Annimal LicenseDog and Cat Licenses may be purchased by mail, by submitting a copy of your current rabies vaccination, whether pet is spayed and neutered, along with all appropriate information, such as your name and address, phone number, pet’s name, pets breed and color and fee of $5.00 if spayed/neutered and $11.00 if not spayed/neutered. Please provide info as to when pets were spayed on neutered.

Please use this sample dog license to provide necessary information to receive dog license by mail. Proof of rabies must be supplied.

See Sample License


The Trash men will not pick up bagged leaves and the Maintenance Department will not open bagged leaves. It is the responsibility of the residents to put the leaves at the curb (unbagged). If you have bagged leaves out it is your responsibility to take the leaves out of the bag.

What you can do to preserve Peter’s Creek for future generations


Independence Day Celebration


Mr. and Mrs. LeFebvre donated oxygen masks for pets to the Audubon Park Volunteer Fire Department and the West Collingswood Heights Fire Department.

Community Garden


Garden   Garden 2
Garden 3 Garden4 Garden 5





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Office Hours

Monday thru Friday
8:30 AM until 4:30 PM

Summer Hours
Beginning May 26th
Monday - Thursday
Closed Fridays

Extended through
December 31, 2017

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