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Audubon Park


The history of Audubon Park goes back to the beginning of the second World War. The town was called Audubon Village and was part of the Borough of Audubon. Workers for the New York Shipbuilding Corp, located in Camden, NJ needed housing for their families.
Senior Holiday Gala 2014
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The Mayor and Borough Council are proud to announce that they will be providing every household with the first ever Audubon Park 2015 Calendar. This Calendar will be full of information from trash collection to meeting dates and other Council information. It will also include important contact information such as, the police department and the office staff. We are proud to provide this to you. Look for delivery in mid to late December.


The Trash men will not pick up bagged leaves and the Maintenance Department will not open bagged leaves. It is the responsibility of the residents to put the leaves at the curb (unbagged). If you have bagged leaves out it is your responsibility to take the leaves out of the bag.

ATTENTION: Residents of Aububon Park

After months of deliberation and careful planning the Mayor and Borough Council of the Borough of Audubon Park have purchased a 25 seat bus. As the Mayor talked about in his roundtable meetings in the Spring, this bus will be used for the transportation of our children to and from the school as well as other programs for transportation that the Council will slow integrate into action. The Mayor and Borough Council are excited about this cost saving project as well as the opportunities to provide a better service to the residents of Audubon Park. More information will be forthcoming to the town as the bus becomes available for use in the upcoming year.

Congratulations Nick and Sean!!!

On Monday, October 20, 2014, the Mayor and Borough Council of the Borough of Audubon Park honored the Audubon Park Volunteer Fire Company and the Haddon Township Police Department as part of their Annual October Police and Fire Fighter Appreciation Month. As part of the ceremony, Audubon Park volunteer fire fighter Dominic “Nick” Lepone was given the Donald M. Pennock Award for dedication to the community above and beyond the call of duty. Nick was the 5th recipient of this award. Lieutenant Sean Gooley of the Haddon Township Police Department was presented with the William Cullen Award for bravery and dedication to the residents of Audubon Park. These two fine individuals help to make up two outstanding institutions that protect and serve our fine town.

Thank you to both Nick and Sean and to all our police and fire fighters.

Freeholder Board is bringing an exciting new attraction

This winter, the Freeholder Board is bringing an exciting new attraction to Cooper River Park- an ice rink. The new Cooper River Park Ice Rink will provide family fun from Nov. 28 to Jan. 6 for park patrons.


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What you can do to preserve Peter’s Creek for future generations


ParkingReminder to All Residents of Audubon Park  

Other than Private Driveways or Handicaped Parking Spots, there are no Dedicated Parking Areas in Audubon Park. All Parking is open to Anyone.


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